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Frequently Asked Questions for Property Owners

Do you offer the option to receive prepayments prior to the guest departure?

Yes, we will offer the option to received prepayments prior to the arrival and departure of the guest. This would be one half of the rental amount collected. The remaining half would be paid out when the guest departured.

Are your managment rates competitive with other agencies?

Our standard full service rate has been 18% for over 30 years.  We will meet or beat your current managment rate. We promise to offer more services and you pay less.

Where do your guests come from?

North Carolinans love their beaches. NC ranks number ONE! The three largest cities that visit Ocean Isle Beach are Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro.

How do you market my property?

One of the biggest compliments that we receive is repeat vacationers. The owners of Cooke Realty have been promoting Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina since 1970. We are proud that over 85% of our homes have repeat clients. Our friends come back year after year and they stay with Cooke! We promote our portfolio of vacation rentals in many ways. Our toll free number (800 NC BEACH) and our state of the art website help folks to locate us easily. Our years of experience in the vacation rental industry sets us apart from the competition. You will find Cooke Vacations in print advertising in the largest newspapers in the Southeast and direct mail campaigns including an annual full-color vacation rental guide. Quarterly sales post cards and community newsletters are in constant circulation. We advertise a Full page color sales ad 52 weeks a year in the local newspaper and also take space in all local visitor guides. We exhibit at trade shows in the winter months, fly banner plane ads in the summer, and give away free weekend packages. Top this off with an expanded and improved web presence as we advertise online with google ad-words campaigns and web directory listings. We strive to keep your property in the spotlight.

How do I reserve my property for my personal use?

Cooke Realty is here as a friendly voice when you need us. Pick up the phone and contact any vacation specialist to block off your unit. You may also access the Cooke Realty Owner Weblink and reserve your property any time you wish. We are committed to bringing you cutting edge technology. With Cooke Realty's property management program you will be able to log on to our website and see your rental status at anytime. In addition, you will be able to reserve, view the status of maintenance issues, request rate changes, and download documents.

How do guests reserve my property?

With online booking Cooke Realty Vacations portfolio is available to view and book 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our website allows online booking and payment confirmations! For more personal attention contact our Vacation Specialists.

Monday-Saturday 8:30AM until 6PM * Sunday 10-4 Memorial Day until Labor Day.
Monday-Saturday 8:30AM until 5:30PM * Sunday 12-3 Labor day until Memorial Day

What are your check-in & check-out procedures?

Check-in time for our guests as well as owners and their guests is 4:00 PM. Check out time is 10:00 AM for all guests. Guests should return keys and any other items deemed by the rental department as necessary upon departure to our rental office.

How do I receive my rental income?

One of two ways. We provide your statements either by electronic mail with direct deposit or by traditional postal service. Our Trust Account Specialist processes the owner’s statements on the last working day of the month. Each statement is carefully checked and mailed by the fifth working day of the following month.

How are maintenance problems handled?

We have an in-house maintenance department that will process all maintenance issues. The maintenance co-ordinator and/or the maintenance manager will keep you advised when major repairs are needed. When a problem arises, we check our records to see if you have any maintenance instructions and call the appropriate contractor to address the repair. The charges for those repairs will be included with your statement. Please contact the our staff to help assure you have a pleasant visit. Housekeeping Coordinators can be reached at 910-579-3535 ext 7338 or Maintenance coordinator Anita Johnson at 910-579-3535 ext 7260. If you have an further issues with either departments please contact Anita Johnson at 910-579-3535 ext 7260.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem?

Please call the office at 1 800 622-3224 to speak with the Property Manager, Tami Cooke.


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